Tips Before Buying a Poker Table

Poker tables come in all shapes, sizes and prices.

Foldable poker tables are reasonable in price and can be easily stored away or take you to the cottage or friend’s house

Racetrack poker tables are probably the most popular tables on the market.
At Data sgp is a great choice if you buy a permanent piece of furniture for your gaming room, and the fabric / feel can be easily replaced.

The octagonal poker table made of oak or birch looks good as furniture and can also be used as a dining table.
Pulling back with the octagonal all the wooden tables is that they scratch easily and the cards are harder to take away from the felt table.

Standard all feel poker tables provide a more playing surface and in most cases are cheaper and more poker friendly than both octagon and racetrack tables.

The feel on your new poker table must be of solid quality.
There are several types of felt to choose from and the most expensive is the speed felt.

Many poker table owners swear velvet and will never get anything, but felt wool must also be taken for consideration.

Moneyboxes are very practical and they must be placed near the agent slots.

A very important factor to consider when buying a poker table is to decide whether you want a cup holder or not.

Some feel that there will be more problems with players spilling drinks when they can put their drinks in cup holders on the table.

Many poker table owners use the three Cs rules during poker matches.
Cash, chips and cards only. No food or drinks are allowed on the table.

Others believe the cup holder will reduce the number of spills to the table, because if the player drinks are not in the cup holder, than they might be at the table felt.

If you decide to go with a glass holder, than you should with a table with cup holders that are 2 3/4 ″ in diameter and 3 ″ in.
This measurement is perfect for both beer bottles and cans. Deeper and the players will have a hard time getting the can out. (Especially after consuming a few beers).

Getting a table with cup holders under the table or on the armrest of a chair is also an option.

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